Best Casino Welcome Bonuses

Best Casino Welcome Bonuses

Casino welcome bonuses are a gift from the casino administration that players can receive upon making their first deposit. The types of welcome bonuses can vary greatly. For example, it could be an additional percentage on the deposit amount or free spins. In some cases, you may be offered what is known as deposit protection. This means that if you're unsuccessful, a portion of your money will be returned to your account.

In any case, with the variety of welcome bonuses available, it's easy to get lost. Therefore, on this page, we've decided to gather the most attractive first deposit bonuses. Each of the bonuses listed below has its features. Some of them have a small wager, and others provide additional free spins in addition to the main reward. You can also find bonuses with a high percentage reward relative to your deposit amount. In any case, we guarantee that you will be satisfied.

Top Casino Deposit Bonuses

In gambling, every spin could lead to a big win. Players often resort to using first deposit bonuses to increase their chances of success. Today, we'll reveal the secrets of the best bonus offers that casinos provide to their players. These bonuses not only increase your chances of a major win but also significantly extend the time spent in your favourite slot machines. So, prepare to learn which casinos offer the most impressive deposit bonuses and how to use them correctly to maximise your gambling experience. The following list will open up a world of possibilities, where every deposit promises an engaging game and a chance for a big jackpot!

CasinoPromo CodeDescriptionRegistration

During registration at RamenBet Casino, please indicate the promo code FSPROMO.

An exclusive bonus will become available if you remember to enter the promo code. It is credited when you deposit $5 or more. After topping up your account, you will receive 100 free spins in the Gates of Olympus slot. The winnings from the free spins are subject to a 30x wager. Bonus funds are available for playing in slots!


When registering at Vodka Bet Casino, don't forget to enter the promo code FSPROMO.

Deposit at least $50 and receive up to 300 free spins without a wager. Wagering requirements apply only to the deposit itself and are 3x its amount. Plus, you receive a lifelong +1% cashback!

Casino x bonus codeKARSSENTV

Follow the link on the website and indicate the bonus code KARSSENTV during registration. Right after registration, an additional bonus will be available to you.

Deposit a minimum of $5 and get 45 FS in the Book of Dead slot with only a 30x wager. Wagering of the bonus is available on bonus funds.

Joycasino bonus codeKARSSENTV

Follow the link on the website and enter the bonus code KARSSENTV during registration. Immediately after registration, an additional bonus will become available to you.

Deposit an amount starting from $5 and receive 45 FS in the Book of Dead slot with only a 30x wager. The wagering of the bonus is available on bonus funds.

Booi casino bonus codeFSPROMO

Use the promo code FSPROMO at registration and receive an exclusive bonus on your first deposit.

Deposit $20 or more and get a 100% bonus on your first deposit up to $500. The amount of the deposit and the bonus must be wagered at least 30 times before you can withdraw your funds.

Vavada BonusNot required

No promo code is needed to receive a generous welcome bonus at Vavada Casino.

Make any deposit of $1 and claim a 100% bonus on your first top-up. This bonus is particularly generous, as you can receive up to $1000 as a gift from the casino. The wagering requirements are only 35x and apply only to the bonus portion.

Riobet BonusNot required

The welcome bonus at Riobet Casino can be received anytime if your account has at least $20.

You are not obliged to take the welcome bonus when making your first deposit. You can use this feature anytime if your account has a balance of at least $20. Simply go to the bonus section and activate the 100% bonus. The maximum gift amount cannot exceed $1000, with a 35x wager.

How to Choose Casino Welcome Bonuses

How to Choose Casino Welcome Bonuses

Selecting a casino welcome bonus is a highly responsible matter. We live in an era where playing in online casinos from almost any device is possible. Consequently, more and more sites are emerging every day, attracting players with various bonuses. However, an inexperienced user may often need help understanding the bonus terms and end up receiving something different from what was expected.

The fact is welcome bonus packages can vary on many parameters. You might expect to receive one thing, but in reality, you get an entirely different gift. In some cases, you can't play with bonus funds, and the bonus is wagered from the balance with real money. Sometimes, you expect to get a bonus with a 25x wager, but it turns out this applies to the sum of the deposit and the bonus. Therefore, it is essential to learn as much about the bonus before receiving it. This is where we can help you.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering Requirements

The most important factor when receiving bonuses is the wagering conditions, which determine your chances of success.

As you might have guessed, casinos make money when you play. Professionals calculate all promotions and offers, and finding a mathematically advantageous bonus for the player is quite tricky. A wager higher than x25 has a negative mathematical expectation for the player. If the coefficient is x25 or lower, it benefits the player. That's why you often find information that casinos offer welcome bonuses with a 25x wager. But the rules clarify that this applies to the deposit sum and the bonus part. Thus, the offer becomes disadvantageous for the player.

Try to find bonuses where wagering requirements do not exceed x25 or the percentage ratio of the reward to the deposit exceeds 100%.

Maximum Bonus Amount

Maximum Bonus Amount

The maximum monetary amount of the reward is also very important for bonuses. Typically, online casinos offer first deposit bonuses ranging from 100 to 300 euros. This is because the average player is not ready to risk an amount exceeding 300 euros when topping up at a new casino. But it's also important to understand that the smaller the bonus, the less likely the player will win a large sum.

However, some online casinos are unafraid to offer large deposit bonuses. On our site, some projects provide a first deposit of $500, $1,000, $2,000, and even $100,000. Reviews of such casinos can be read here.

Of course, such bonuses have their nuances. For example, these offers may have a limited maximum withdrawal amount. We will tell you more about this below.

Withdrawal Restrictions on Bonuses

Withdrawal Restrictions on Bonuses

In some instances, after winning a significant sum, you may be unable to withdraw all your winnings due to limits on bonus payouts.

This is a cunning tactic used by some online casinos. Casinos offer bonuses up to $1000-$2000 to entice players with large deposits but impose certain restrictions. In most cases, the terms of the bonus offer state that a player cannot withdraw an amount exceeding 5-10 times the size of the bonus issued. This way, casinos try to protect themselves from paying out huge winnings.

On the other hand, if a casino offers a $2000 bonus and sets a withdrawal limit of $20,000, it remains a good bonus offer. In any case, we consider this nuance in our reviews and inform about it.

Time to Wager the Bonus

Time to Wager the Bonus

Players least expect a catch in this clause of the rules. Usually, no one pays particular attention to how much time is given to wager the bonus. But this can play a cruel joke on you.

Imagine you started playing with a bonus and tripled your balance. You already smell the money and have figured out where to spend it. But you have urgent matters, so you decide to complete the wagering later. Unfortunately, your affairs drag on for a few days, and when you return to the game, you find that the time to wager the bonus has expired. Naturally, this will cause disappointment and irritation.

That's why it's essential to be clear about the time allotted for wagering the bonus. Typically, 3, 7, or 30 days are given to meet wagering requirements. If you fail to comply within the allotted time, the entire bonus balance will be deducted from your account. It’s worth noting that you will lose the whole amount in your account if you're using a sticky bonus.

Types of Deposit Bonuses

Types of Deposit Bonuses

Finding a bonus that combines a large size with a low wager and no restrictions is challenging. Therefore, all welcome bonuses are divided into several categories. We'll discuss each of them below, but all these offers have one common feature. They can be “sticky" and “non-sticky."

Explaining their difference could take a long time, and there's no clear definition that everyone adheres to. But the main idea is that non-sticky bonuses allow you to withdraw the entire balance except for the bonus part if you haven't touched the bonus money. On the other hand, with sticky bonuses, you cannot refuse the bonus and withdraw money until you meet the wagering requirements. Therefore, before you start playing with a bonus, make sure to check with the support service what type it is.

High Roller Bonuses

High Roller bonuses can be called a very bold offer from online casinos. Such rewards have many advantages. Firstly, the bonus size can reach several thousand dollars. Secondly, such bonus offers usually have an increased maximum bet. And you are given at least 30 days to meet the wagering requirements. So you can relax about the bonus expiring and play whenever it's convenient for you.

Of course, there are downsides. The deposit must be at least $200-$500 to get such a bonus. Since the bonus amount is large, casinos often increase the wager. Also, some casino sites set a payout limit on the bonus at the level of x10-x20. But if you love taking risks, this offer is for you.

Bonuses with Low Wagering Requirements

Every gambler dreams of bonuses without wagering. But we live in the real world, so such a dream is almost unattainable. However, you can try to find an attractive bonus with a low wager.

Acceptable wagering requirements are considered to be coefficients of x15-25. It can be said that such bonuses are mathematically advantageous for the player, so casinos give them out rarely and reluctantly. We're talking about offers where an x25 wager applies only to the bonus amount, not the deposit and bonus sum.

Unfortunately, such bonuses on the first deposit are not typical. But as reload bonuses or as a welcome bonus for registration, they are quite frequent. For example, at Casino X, you can regularly get free spins with a x20 wager. And on the “Registration Bonuses" page, you can find many attractive offers with a wager of x15-x25.

Size of the Bonus Offer

The first thing a player pays attention to is the size of the bonus. This includes both the percentage of the bonus and the total amount of bonus funds. For example, the most popular welcome bonus is 100%, with a bonus amount of up to 100-300 euros.

But sometimes you can find even more exciting offers on the Internet. On this page, we have tried to collect the most attractive of them. For example, you can find casinos here that give a 150-200% bonus on the first deposit. Or offer a first deposit bonus of your choice.

For instance, you can receive 100%, 150%, or 200% depending on your first deposit amount. Agree, it's much nicer to choose your bonus, rather than take the only available one.

Searching for the Best Casino Welcome Bonuses

Searching for the Best Casino Welcome Bonuses

Now let's use the information we have gathered and break down, step by step, how to find the best casino welcome bonus. There's nothing complicated about this process, and it consists of four main points.

Finding the list of best bonuses

1You've already completed the first step. You are on our website, which means you have already found the best online casino bonuses. We have done tremendous work, spent dozens of hours, and figured out all the intricacies and nuances of bonus offers.

Checking the wagering requirements

2The second step is determining what wagering requirements must be met to withdraw the money. Here, it is essential to look not just at the size of the wager. First, check whether it applies only to the bonus or the sum of the deposit and reward.

Studying the rules and conditions

3Carefully read the terms of the bonus offer. There can be various pitfalls here. Pay attention to the following parameters: the maximum bet allowed when playing with a bonus, the number of days to wager the bonus, and whether there is a limit on withdrawing money from bonus funds. Most importantly, clarify with the support service whether the bonus is “sticky" or not.

Making a choice

4Analyse the information you have gathered and decide if you need the bonus. If the answer is positive, make a deposit to receive the bonus and welcome to the game.

How to Utilize Casino Welcome Bonuses

How to Utilize Casino Welcome Bonuses

Perhaps the last thing we should have mentioned is how people can miss the opportunity to take advantage of the welcome bonus. Usually, when you top up your account, you will be asked to choose whether you want to replenish your account with a bonus or not. All you need to do is check the box and enter the amount.

However, there are casinos where this process is somewhat different. For instance, sometimes, before making a deposit, you need to go to the bonus section and activate the reward. Or to receive the bonus, you must enter a special promo code specified in the promotions section, and only then will you receive the gift. So always be vigilant, especially when it comes to money.

By the way, on our site, there is the Riobet casino. It has an attractive bonus system. You can activate the no-deposit bonus at any time when real money appears in your account. And this can be any of the deposits, not necessarily the first one. The maximum bonus amount is limited to $1000.

Final Word

Well, let's summarise. As we have found out, not all casino bonuses are beneficial for the player. Therefore, you should be careful in choosing a bonus and not agree to just any casino offer. Carefully study the terms and conditions for receiving bonuses, paying special attention to the pitfalls. Welcome gifts from casinos are an excellent opportunity to increase your starting balance but don't forget that gambling is primarily entertainment. If you feel that you have lost control and are becoming addicted to gambling, seek help from Be Gamble Aware.

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