What Are Free Spins Casino Promo Codes

Free Spins Casino Promo Codes

One of the most valuable online casino promotions available to players is free spins. Throughout this review, we will break down what a free spins bonus is, the varieties, which sites have the best deals and how to access them.

Free spins promo codes are a form of gambling promotion where punters get complimentary play on slots without having to part with their precious cash. Free spins are usually set to the lowest bet for a particular slot game. For example, if you receive 22 free spins on a game with a minimum bet of $0.1, your free spins will be valued at a pretty measly $2.2. To access free spins, players will often have to type in promo codes. These work just like promo codes at other stores. When prompted, fill them in, and bam, you can unlock free spins.

General Information

Free spins can be given as part of a no deposit bonus, welcome bonus or some other crazy promotion a gambling marketer has dreamed up. Free spins winnings are often paid out in restricted bonuses, which require players to roll over their winnings a stated number of times before being eligible for withdrawal. However, customers can also find no wagering free spins, which allow all money won to be instantly withdrawn. Free spins are a marketing strategy used by online casinos to build up their userbase and retain current gamblers.

Expiration Time

Unfortunately, most free spins don’t last forever. Free spins come with expiration dates, and if customers do not use them within the allocated time frame, they will be lost. Keep a close eye on the expiration date, and make sure you hop online and start betting with your free spins before losing them.

Max Winnings

Free spin promotions will typically have a cap on the amount of money you can win. The max winnings amount depends on the online casino and the particular promotion. It is common for free spins winnings to be pulled the brakes on at $100 to $200. Before you sign up for free spins at a casino, it is advised you check the cap on winnings before reaching out and grabbing your free spins. You don’t want to get all excited only to find out you can only win $10.

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Best Free Spins

Best Free Spins Promo Codes

Best Free Spins Promo Codes

Now you understand the basics of free spins, let's look at some of the best free spins promo codes you can send directly to your betting account!

When rating bonuses, we undergo a thorough and exhaustive process with the goal of helping you find the perfect free spins bonus that will enhance your gambling experience. We use the following step by step process to rate free spins deals:


The first step in our free spins bonus rating system is analyzing the number of free spins that are presented to punters. A promotion that is handing out triple-figure free spins will score much higher in our ratings than a bonus with just single-digit free spins. Additionally, we look at the amount that punters can win. A free spins offer with uncapped max winnings is superior to a bonus with a low winnings limit. The best bonuses offer a mouth-watering number of free spins and do not place a cap on winnings.

Game Limitations

After looking at winning and free spin amounts, we then look at games that punters can and can’t play. Game limitation is a critical factor that needs to be evaluated when determining the value of the bonus because bonuses that won’t let you play your super-duper lucky slot game can harm your betting experience. The highest-rated free spins deals do not place any restriction on the slots that can be played. While lower-rated bonuses constrict punters to slots with low payout percentages.

Bonus Variety

Step number 3 in our ratings is analysing the vast range of free spins bonuses that small-time bettors and whales can grasp. Free spin bonuses are like people. They come in all shapes and sizes from no deposit, welcome with a deposit, super and mega. The top-tier betting sites dish out all the types of free spins promotions you could imagine to keep all players happy.

Free Spins Promo Codes Wagering Requirements

Our final step in our ratings is looking at wagering requirements. Studying wagering requirements might be the most important factor when rating a free spins promotion. There is no point winning thousands off your lucky free spins only to find out that the wagering requirement is so high that your chance of withdrawing is close to zero. The best bonuses have no wagering requirement, while in our rating system, we punish bonuses with a high requirement.

How To Claim This Sign Up Free Spins

Unlocking a free spins sign up bonus is super easy! All you need to do is:

  1. Click on the online casino of your choice on our website
  2. Once at the casino’s site, create an account
  3. If required, type in the customer promo code supplied by us either during registration or in the cashier section
  4. Claim your sign up free spins and start gambling!

If you are grabbing no deposit free spins, after successfully activating your account, the free spins will magically appear in your account, and you can start playing immediately! If you have got your eyes on a deposit bonus, you will have to add funds to your account before unlocking your bonus. Make sure you deposit the correct amount; otherwise, those free spins will go to another punter.

With most free spins deals, the cash secured will not be available for immediate withdrawal, this has become industry standard. The bonus money will have to be unlocked by meeting the betting site’s play-through and roll-over requirements. We always inform our readers of the site's wagering requirements, but we recommend you double check on the casino’s page before claiming any free spins.

We have made the process as simple as possible to ensure all punters can get their hands on super juicy online gambling promotions. Just remember to ensure you type in the correct free spin casino promo codes when activating your account.

Types Of Free Spins Bonuses

Not all free spins are the same. They come in many different types. Let’s look at four highly prevalent free spins bonuses.

Super Spins

Super-SpinsSuper spins occur when a gambler is playing a slot machine and unlocks a certain feature or bonus. The result is a number of free spins where the player has a chance to win instantly withdrawable money. The great thing about super spins is that you don’t have to worry about wagering requirements. However, you do have to bet real money on slots to unlock super spins.

Mega Spins

Mega-spinsMega spins are where, for the price of one bet, you get to play multiple slots at the same time. A single bet could see a customer playing four or even six fruit machines at once. Mega Spins are perfect if you don’t have much and you are looking for as much action as possible. With Mega Spins, you can take hundreds of spins within a few minutes.

Deposit Free Spins

Deposit-Free-SpinsA deposit free spins promotion is where a customer must deposit an indicated amount to unlock free spins. For example, a typical promo might be – deposit $50 and receive 101 free spins. Often the more a player splurges, the more free spins they will receive. Ensure you read the minimum amount required to deposit; otherwise, you won’t receive any free spins.

No Deposit Free Spins

No-deposit-free-spinsA no deposit free spins deal is when whales can secure free spins in their clutches without even having to open their wallet and part with any money. All they need to do is create an account and fill in the promo code if specified. No deposit free spins allow punters and slappers to test their fate by winning cash without ever having to risk their funds. The downside is that they often cap winnings and come with high wagering and play-through requirements. It is normal to have wagering requirements of 50x and up.

Wagering Requirements For Sign Up Free Spins In Casino

Wagering requirements and free spins promotions are a match made in heaven. A wagering requirement means that money won during free spins must be bet a particular number of times before a player can take the money home. For example you do pretty well and snag $100 from a free spin bonus with a 23x wagering requirement. To withdraw that $100, you would have to make bets worth $2300. An excessively high wagering requirement will turn juicy free spins offers into an absolute nightmare. Wagering requirements between 20x and 50x are widespread.

Occasionally customers can find free spins with zero wagering requirements, these are great value as any money won can instantly be withdrawn. Before claiming a bonus, it is advised you always check the roll-over requirement; otherwise, you risk having your free spins siloed away on an online casino, unlikely to see the light of day again.

Games With Free Spins Registration Bonus

Before you get too excited and grab the free spins casino sign up bonus on the table, you need to see what games they are available for. Nobody wants a bonus if they can’t play their lucky slots. Here are the slot games where you can snatch some free spins with a super generous registration bonus:

  1. 3 reel – 3 reel slots are the classic version of the game and often only have 1 payline.
  2. 5 reel – 5 reel slots are the scaled up version of the 3 reel machines and are the most common online slot game. They offer far more paylines, giving players a higher chance of winning.
  3. Progressive – A progressive slot is where the game’s jackpot increases every time a punter loses. These slots give gamblers the opportunity to win millions off a single spin.
  4. Megaspin – Megaspin slots are great for players looking for fast action as they allow gamblers to play multiple slots at the same time. On megaspin slots a punter can play up to 6 machines simultaneously.

Free Spins Promo Codes Pros And Cons

Free Spins Promo Codes Pros And Cons

Pros of free spins

With so many different pros, you would be crazy not to unlock free spins. Check out our top pros below:

  • Win real money – Free spin bonuses are actually complementary and legitimately present you with the ability to win money risk-free that can be withdrawn as long as you follow the online casino’s rules.
  • Try out new games – Winning free cash isn’t the only reason you should try out free spins. With free spins, punters get to try out the latest and greatest slots from the best developers in the world. If you love spending a few hours playing the slots and can’t get enough of all the cool graphics and fun little symbols, well then why wouldn’t you use free spins to have a slap on the house while still having a chance to win. That sounds like a bet nobody who loves slots would turn down!
  • Extra value – If you are already planning on playing at an online casino, why not get some extra value and claim some free spins when you fill up your account with some ones and zeroes. Sites will hand out free spins based on your deposit figure. Free spins will ensure you sneak in some extra game time on your favourite slots and whose they may provide you with that lucky spin you need to rake in a monster jackpot.
  • Free trial of online casino – Free spins provide punters with a fantastic opportunity to trial a casino before they decide to deposit and play for high stakes. With such a variety of online casinos out there, it can be difficult finding the right one. Well, with free spins, you can quickly test out an online casino and get a feel for their site’s layout, registration process and most of all, their games. Once you have made your free bets and had a fiddle with the different slot titles, you will be in the perfect position to judge whether or not that casino is worth playing on.
  • Fast to unlock – Free spins are so simple to claim and unlock that you can be playing online within minutes. Online casinos with free spins don’t use old-fashioned download clunky software, and they don’t limit you to playing at only certain hours of the day. You can sign up within minutes, click claim your spins and then, before you know it, be enjoying yourself playing the best slot machines in the world.

Cons of free spins

While we think the pros of free spins greatly outweigh the cons, there are some negatives you should consider.

  • Narrow game selection – Unfortunately, many free spins offers will restrict players to a select few games. These games may include titles that you do not enjoy, and they often have low volatility and low payout percentages, which makes it hard for punters to win money. Most seasoned slot players enjoy playing a certain game, so if it is not a part of the bonus offer, they are unlikely to enjoy their gambling session.
  • Capped winnings – Online casinos will try to stop players from winning too much via free spins by placing a limit on the number of allowable winnings. These caps can be as low as $50. For players who like to gamble for serious money, the ability to only win $100 or less will not be worth it for them to pursue free spins.
  • Roll over requirement – So you have just won a nice chunk of change thanks to your free spins, and then you go to withdraw the money, oh no, it won’t let you! To stop players from hit and running thanks to their free spins, casinos have slapped on play-through requirements to bonuses. They can range from 10x to 100x. These wagering requirements make it very difficult to take those free spins winnings home because the chance of a player staying in the green after fulfilling the requirement decreases dramatically.


Free spins provide casino customers with complimentary play on slot titles. These free spins are used as a marketing tool to attract new gamblers while keeping current players happy. Free spins typically give players a certain number of minimum bets on a particular slot title. Winnings are often capped and money won is treated as bonus funds, meaning it comes with a wagering requirement before a player can withdraw.

To access these free spins, players will have to insert promo codes when signing up at an online casino or in the cashiers’ section of their account. In this review, we have provided players with access to the very best free spins promo codes. With these codes, you can get free bets which could see you win real cash. Thanks to our rigorous rating system, our list of free spins promo codes is sure to bring you value and help enhance your online gaming experience. Try out our free spins promos today and start betting within minutes!

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