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All Online Casino Promotions

This page of our website was created specifically to help casino newbies understand all the tricks and pitfalls of the bonuses and promotions from various online casinos. Experienced players, on the other hand, will be able to find new and exciting bonuses or discover something new for themselves.

For visitors' convenience, All Online Casino Bonuses And Promotions are divided into groups. We distinguish the following sections: no deposit bonuses, promo code bonuses, exclusive offers, and welcome bonuses.

For each of these items, we'll go over the intricacies of getting them and any possible difficulties a player might face. For example, not understanding the difference between sticky and non-sticky bonuses and things like that. But it's worth starting with a list of trustworthy casinos that have been tested by time and by us. So you're sure you won't encounter any problems in them and can be sure of fair play.

Top Online Casinos With The Latest Bonuses

If you’ve decided to take the plunge into the world of online gambling, it’s worth learning the ins and outs first. And, of course, the most important thing is to choose a reliable gambling club. It shouldn’t only be a casino with a license but also with a good reputation. We are players ourselves, and we know how unpleasant it is when an online casino delays the withdrawal or slows down the verification process. That’s why we have tested more than a dozen casinos and picked the ones with fast payouts, loyalty to players, and proven reliability through years of stable service.

Top Online Casino Rankings
11xSlots1-st deposit 100% up to 300$, wager x35REGISTRATION
2Play Fortuna1-st deposit 100% up to 500$, wager x40REGISTRATION
3Fairspin1-st deposit 100% up to 100 000$, wager x25REGISTRATION
4Vavada1-st deposit 100% up to 1000$, wager x35REGISTRATION
5Spinbetter1-st deposit 100% up to 300$, wager x35REGISTRATION
6Riobet1-st deposit 100% up to 1000$, wager x35REGISTRATION
7Casino X1-st deposit 100% up to 2000$, wager x30(d+b)REGISTRATION
8Sol Casino1-st deposit 150% up to 600$, wager x40REGISTRATION
9Bitstarz1-st deposit 110% up to 100$, wager x40REGISTRATION
10Cat Casino1-st deposit 100% up to 300$, wager x45REGISTRATION

Now it’s time to check out the bonuses and promotions offered by the casinos in the rankings above. The first thing to decide is what you are looking for and what you expect from the bonuses. Study the brief descriptions for each of the items below, and it will help you make your choice.

All Casino Promo Codes

This slider contains all the bonuses you can get by promo code. Let's play the Choose Your Destiny game. Just close your eyes and click on the banner at a random moment in time. Let the doom choose the bonus for you, which you will use.

All No Deposit Bonuses

This section contains all the no deposit bonuses. Here you will find various offers. These include freespins for sign up by email and real money to your account for clicking on a link. Take a few minutes and read the descriptions of these bonuses.

All Casino Exclusive Offers

Oh, it's definitely worth lingering here. Exclusive bonuses prepared especially for our website, what could be better? No, really, don't miss out on taking advantage of offers that give the player an edge over the casino.

How To Select The Best Promotion

All Online Casino Bonuses

Often, the wrong choice of bonus can make a player lose his shirt. The problem is that many casino bonuses are more money than sense. This little tutorial will help you figure out what to look out for in the first place. Of course, experienced players may know better. But if you're new to casino gaming, you're in for a treat.

Exploring All The Pitfalls Of The Bonus

Before agreeing to any bonus offer, go to the rules section of the casino and look up 'Bonus Terms and Conditions. This is where all the pitfalls are hidden. Try to find out the following: the time is given for wagering the bonus; the maximum bet allowed when playing with the bonus; whether there are limits on payouts from the bonus.

It is also essential to find out if the bonus is sticky or not. This is usually not stated in the rules and causes the most confusion. Contact support to find out if the bonus can be canceled at any time without losing the main balance.

Pay Attention To The Wagering Requirements

The most common way that players encounter scams is in the bonus wagering conditions. A happy player activates the bonus, and then it turns out that the wager applies to the amount of the deposit and the bonus itself (d+b).

If you took a 100% bonus with a wager of x25 (d+b), it is the same if you took a 100% bonus with a wager of x50 on the bonus part. So be as careful as you can.

But if you take 200% with a wager of x25 (d+b), it becomes profitable. For example, you deposit $100 and start the game with $300. To successfully wagering the bonus, you need to bet $7,500. So the wager on the bonus part is x37.5.

A High Percentage Means A Higher Chance Of Success

Most online casinos offer 100% bonuses of up to $100 to $200. This way, they try to protect themselves from significant financial risks. And it's hard for a real gambler to find a worthwhile bonus.

But we understand what the thrill is. Therefore, every day we are looking for new attractive offers from casinos. Our website has casinos that offer 150-200% on your first deposit. Or bonuses for high rollers of $1000-2000. If that's not enough for you either, Fairspin is ready to give away $100,000 in bonuses; find out the terms here.

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Top Bonuses

How To Calculate Online Casino Bonuses

How To Calculate Online Casino Bonuses

It may seem strange, but sometimes players do not understand how to calculate the bonus correctly or how much they have to bet to meet the wagering requirements. That's why we decided to show you a couple of examples of how to calculate the amount of bonus received correctly and how much you have to deposit to get the maximum bonus amount. We will also go into more detail on how to determine the best wager for the player.

Match Rate & Max Bonus Amount

Match Rate & Max Bonus Amount

When a casino specifies a bonus of 100% and up to €100, it's straightforward. But when it says 75% bonus up to €350, the player sometimes gets confused.

Many are sure that they will get the maximum bonus in that case when they deposit €350. However, this is not true, in this example, the total amount of bonus is €350, and a player will get it when he deposits €466 on his balance. This is the deposit that guarantees that the maximum reward is received. It is easy to calculate; we need to divide the bonus (350 euros) by 0.75.

There are also opposite cases when the website offers a bonus of 150% up to 1000 euros. Here, many players believe that if they deposit €1,000, they will get a €1,500 bonus to their main account. Once again, this is incorrect. To get the maximum bonus, which is €1,000, the player needs to deposit €667 into their account. The calculation is as simple as that, 1,000 divided by 1.5.

So be careful not to miss the chance to claim the whole bonus amount when the bonus amount is below 100%. And don't overpay in case the bonus is more than 100%.

Calculating Wagering Requirements

Calculating Wagering Requirements

Let's now talk a bit about meeting the wagering requirements. It's pretty straightforward when it comes to a 100% bonus with a x40 wager. So you got a €100 bonus, and you need to wager €4000 to be able to withdraw the bonus balance.

But how do you know how good a reward is if we take a 150% bonus with a wager x27 (d+b)? Let's try to calculate using the same example with 100 euro deposits. After a deposit of €100, you will be given €150 in bonus. Thus, you need to wager €6,750 to meet the bonus wagering requirements. If you divide 6750 by 150 (the bonus amount), you will get 45. It turns out that it is more profitable to take a 100% bonus with a Wager of x40 rather than the second variant.

What is a good wager for a player? If you see a casino offering a bonus with a x25 wager on the bonus portion, you're in luck, so take it. A 125% bonus with a wager of x15(d+b) is also good.

If you've read carefully, you now understand that the sign-up bonuses from this page, with a wager of x20-25, are very profitable for players.

Why Do Online Casinos Offer Bonuses

Online Casinos Offer Bonuses

There are several good reasons why online casinos offer bonuses. I hope everyone understands that casinos are not a place to make money. People come here to get a thrill and have fun. That is, they want to create an atmosphere of fun and entertainment. And the task of the casino is to meet the demands of its visitors. And as you know, every celebration should be gifts and pleasant surprises.

Before we talk about why casinos offer bonuses, let's say a few words about which bonuses we're talking about.

To attract players, online casinos usually use registration freespins and welcome bonus packages. Generally, the better the welcome bonus, the more often the player stays for a long time in this gaming club.

Reload bonuses and cashback are most often given to retain players. However, some gambling clubs don't stop there and introduce a level and status system that allows you to receive additional gifts, redeem points for real money and receive increased cashback.

And the highest level of marketing and player retention are regular social media promo codes, email newsletters, and a personal manager. This is usually offered to VIP members who play regularly. Such a manager will pick you up a personalized bonus or help you get an unscheduled cashback. But let's get into more detail.

To Compete With Other Online Casinos

1Competition among casinos has always been high, and online it has reached a new level. Whereas offline casinos could attract visitors with free alcohol or lovely staff, this does not work on the internet. All online casinos have to come up with tempting promotions for players. Only a well-balanced bonus program, cashback, and loyalty system can entice and retain a real player.

To Attract Customers

2As we mentioned above, various no deposit bonuses are most often used to attract players. In the past, it was often possible to continue playing with the bonus funds. Now casinos prefer to award freespins with a low wager. However, you can only wager the bonus after making a deposit. This filters out players who aren't ready to make a deposit and, at the same time, gives favorable conditions for those who want to play for real money.

To Encourage You To Play More

3Have you ever gone to check your email, and 5 minutes later, you've already deposited for a casino promotion? That's how internet marketing works, also in the online casino industry. The best promotions are usually emailed or posted on a popular social network. On the one hand, in this way, the casino shows loyalty to its players; on the other hand, it encourages you to play more and often. It is worth noting that if you feel that you are no longer in control, it is worth consulting a professional.

To Reward Loyalty

4If you play a lot and often at the same online casino, sooner or later, you will become a VIP. This status usually gives a lot of privileges to the player. The management of the casino is interested in the players who have chosen their project. That's why they try to please them in every possible way. Once you've joined the VIP club, you'll get regular bonuses that aren't available to an ordinary user. In addition, you'll be able to get in touch with a personal manager and choose the promotions that suit you best.

Where To Find Casino Promotions

Where To Find Casino Promotions

You can find casino promotions on various websites, social networks, and telegram chats. However, you are wasting your time when we have already done everything for you. Our site aims to collect the best offers on casino bonuses and promotions from all over the world. We welcome any activity you have on the site. If you find a mistake or inaccuracy somewhere, leave your feedback or comment.


Let's summarise all this. There are a large number of different bonuses and promotions available at online casinos. But it's not always worth taking deposit or other bonuses. First of all, it is necessary to know the conditions for wagering the bonus, the maximum bet, the limits on withdrawal from the bonus balance. Don't forget to check with support if the bonus is sticky or not. In other words, play your game responsibly. Even though playing in a casino is fun, you shouldn't spend money like water.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Select The Best Promotion?
To choose a good bonus, you need to read the terms and conditions, study the pitfalls and understand the wagering requirements.
How Do Online Casino Promotion And Bonuses Work?
Bonuses and promotions help the gambler get extra benefits when playing at the casino. These can be money to increase your balance, freespins, or a cashback for losses.
Which Online Casino Has The Best Deposit Bonus?
A list of the best casino bonuses can be found on our website. Here is a table with all the necessary data.
Why Do Casinos Offer Promotions?
Some of the main reasons the casino offers bonuses include competition with other gambling clubs, showing loyalty to players, and attracting new players.
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