No Deposit Casino Promo Codes for Canadian Players

Casino Promo Codes for Canada

There are many no deposit bonuses on our website, but some are restricted to different countries. So we have taken all the bonuses and categorized them according to their availability in each specific country. Here you can find all the casino promo codes for Canada that are relevant at the moment. Below you will find a table with a list of casinos, a working promo code, and the main features of the bonus. If you want to know more about any of the offers, go to the full overview using the button on the right side of the table.

1xSlots Casino Promo Code For 100 Free Spins FSPROMO100
  • Bonus: 100 FS
  • Wager: x25
  • Cashout: No Limit
  • Max Bet: No Limit
Booi Casino Promo Code For 25 Free Spins FSPROMO
  • Bonus: 25 FS
  • Wager: x50
  • Cashout: 20 EUR
  • Max Bet: 5 EUR
Cat Casino Promo Code For 50 Free Spins FSRPROMO50
  • Bonus: 50 FS
  • Wager: x20
  • Cashout: No Limit
  • Max Bet: No Limit
Daddy Casino Promo Code For 100 Free Spins FSPROMO
  • Bonus: 100 FS
  • Wager: x45
  • Cashout: 100 EUR
  • Max Bet: 5 EUR
Gama Casino Promo Code For 100 Free Spins FSPROMO
  • Bonus: 100 FS
  • Wager: x45
  • Cashout: 100 EUR
  • Max Bet: 5 EUR
Kent Casino Promo Code For 100 Free Spins FSPROMO
  • Bonus: 100 FS
  • Wager: x45
  • Cashout: 100 EUR
  • Max Bet: 5 EUR
Play Fortuna Bonus Code For 100 Free Spins FSPROMO
  • Bonus: 100 FS
  • Wager: x20
  • Cashout: No Limit
  • Max Bet: No Limit
Riobet Casino Promo Code For 70 Free Spins FREEGAMBLE
  • Bonus: 70 FS
  • Wager: x30
  • Cashout: No Limit
  • Max Bet: No Limit
Vavada Casino Promo Code For 30 Free Spins EXPROMO
  • Bonus: 100 FS
  • Wager: x20
  • Cashout: No Limit
  • Max Bet: No Limit
Weiss Casino No Deposit Bonus N/A
  • Bonus: 15 WEFT
  • Wager: x0
  • Cashout: No Limit
  • Max Bet: 5 EUR
FairSpin Casino Exclusive Promo Code 150MORE
  • Bonus: 150%
  • Wager: x50
  • Cashout: No Limit
  • Max Bet: $125
BetFury Casino 100 Sign Up Free Spins N/A
  • Bonus: 100 FS
  • Wager: x30
  • Cashout: No Limit
  • Max Bet: 5 EUR

Casino promo codes for Canada will allow you to get various no deposit bonuses for signing up. Such bonuses allow players to get to know the site, have a little fun, and in some cases, win money without risking their finances. But not all sign-up bonuses have the same conditions, in many ways, they are different. Lately, online casinos have fallen into 2 main camps. The first ones focus on the number of free spins for new players. On the other hand, the others offer players the opportunity to continue playing with the bonus itself. Let's take a closer look at the nuances of each of these bonus types.

Low wager no deposit bonuses

The first type is a large number of registration free spins with a low wager. Their distinctive feature is that you cannot continue playing with the bonus funds. To start meeting the wagering requirements, you must make a deposit and continue playing for real funds.

This bonus has its own advantages:

  1. You don't have to keep an eye on the value of your bet
  2. The wager on such bonuses is usually in the range of x15-x25
  3. Bonuses from this category usually have no withdrawal limit

No deposit bonus with withdrawal

The second type of bonus does not feature many free spins, but it does have other benefits. You don't need to deposit to continue playing. You can use the bonus balance to meet the conditions of the wager. This bonus allows the player not to risk his money.

But such gifts do have their disadvantages:

  1. You cannot exceed a certain bet amount
  2. The withdrawal limit from such bonuses is usually $5-100
  3. The wager on such bonuses starts at x40

In the table above, you will find both types of bonuses to help you brighten up your time. Either way, either the first or the second no deposit bonus option will do for fun. It should not be forgotten that playing at a casino is first and foremost about having fun. If you start to have trouble gambling, then contact Be Gamble Aware for help.

Gambling in Canada Nowadays

Casino Promo Codes for Canada

Over time, the provinces were given more authority to conduct gambling in lotteries, video slots and horse racing. Now the casino industry in Canada has become a huge lure for people who like to put money on the line for fun.

Statistics show that 60% of the Canadian population is involved in gambling, with 45% of players betting between $1 to $20 of their monthly earnings and 14% tending to gamble between $20.01 and $100. This explains the reason for the popularity of Canada's top land-based casinos such as Betsafe Casino, Wildz Casino, LeoVegas Casino and others.

Canada is a diverse country in terms of religious practices, where 38.7% of people are Roman Catholic, 23.5% are Protestant, and 23.9% are non-religious. The country is also home to people who practice Islam, Sikhism, and Buddhism.

According to the 2016 Census, Canada is predominantly English and French-speaking. In addition to gambling, Canadians often enjoy games such as hockey, soccer, baseball and others. In addition, having long roots of cultural wealth, people are not free from some superstitions either.

Canadians often uphold numbers such as 7 and 39 as their lucky numbers, and consider 13 an unlucky number because of the existing Christian influence. These beliefs are often reflected in gambling decisions as well.

Online Casinos In Canada

Online Casinos In Canada

Gambling had Canadian roots long before John Cabot's voyage to this land in 1497. But after 1970, when the authorities were allowed to license and regulate gambling by amending the Criminal Code of Canada, the gambling industry found its beginning in Canada.

The amount of revenue that the Canadian gambling industry generates in a year is about $13 billion. Another interesting fact: Each Canadian household spends on average about $1,000 a year at both online and land-based casinos.

Games such as slot machines, video poker, online roulette, and blackjack are standard in Canadian casinos. But players must be at least 19 years old to wager money on casino games. This age restriction also applies to betting shops operating in the Canadian market.

The Canadian gambling industry is regulated by various regulatory bodies responsible for different provinces and territories in Canada. Some of these regulatory territories are Alberta Gambling and Liquor Commission, responsible for gambling in Alberta, British Columbia Gaming Policy and Enforcement Division, Manitoba Gaming Authority, and Manitoba, New Brunswick Gambling, Liquor and Security Licensing Division, etc.

Canada's Gambling History

Canada's Gambling History

The history of gambling in Canada is nothing short of a long, turbulent history. Many believe that the arrival of John Cabot in 1497 and his playing cards introduced Canada to gambling. But the fact is contradictory since the native population of Canada was already immersed in gambling with a game called Slahal, an indigenous game with communal and spiritual significance.

European settlements, however, gave the whole concept of gambling a more conservative character. Consequently, many dice games were banned, and a game called backgammon was one part of it. Richard III refused the game as early as 1380 because it was distracting to the soldiers of the time.

Gambling found its way to entertain players but faced another ban in 1892 when the Criminal Code of Canada made all forms of gambling illegal. But that prohibition didn't last long. Over time, games such as lotteries and bingo were legalized for charitable purposes. Just ten years later, horse racing was added to this list. Finally, in 1925, fairs and exhibitions were given the right to organize gambling events.

In 1969, the Canadian government saw the profitability of lottery games and decided to allow lotteries as a tool to finance its special projects. In 1974, a literary game was held to sponsor the Montreal Olympics.

The future of online casinos in Canada

Along with all these concepts and beliefs, the Canadian gambling market is expecting massive growth. Thanks to modern technology, casinos are becoming much more attractive to gambling hearts.

And if casinos are willing to conduct their business in accordance with the conditions of the regulatory authorities, much more excitement will be available to players.

Are casinos legal in Canada?

Are casinos legal in Canada

Every casino in Canada, whether land-based or online, must be licensed by the gaming authority. From 1900 to 1925, games such as lotteries, bingo and horse racing were licensed, and in 1981, the first legal land-based casino opened in Winnipeg, Canada.

When it comes to opening casinos, the Canadian territory is unique in terms of licensing. In Canada, each provincial government has the right to determine the number of gambling establishments that can be registered within a year. Thus, a gambling license becomes a contract between the casino and the provincial regulatory authority.

Young gambling enthusiasts who want to start playing in Canadian casinos must be at least 19 years old. However, this rule does not apply to casinos in Alberta, Quebec and Manitoba, where entry is permitted to persons over 18 years of age. These age limits also apply to casino restaurants and theaters.

When it comes to sports betting, there are several sports betting outlets in Canada, most of which are operated by an organization called Sports Select. The betting outlets are known by different names in different regions, and only legitimate things can be bet on.

In 1985, leaders of all the Canadian provinces came together to form a lobby. The Criminal Code was amended to declare that all types of betting were illegal unless legalized by the provinces. Since then, the Canadian provinces have the right to regulate gambling services. These provinces also have the power to license other companies or charities, but they must remain within strict provincial regulations.

Gambling Laws in Canada Today

Currently, the federal government is responsible for horse racing, and all other forms of gambling, such as lotteries, poker, bingo, and casinos, are under provincial control. Canada is made up of ten provinces, including Labrador, Newfoundland, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Manitoba and Ontario. Each of these provinces is self-governing.

Here are just a few of the names of the gambling regulatory bodies responsible for gambling operations: Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch, Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba, Gaming, Liquor and Security Licensing Branch, Consumer Affairs Division, Alcohol Gaming Fuel and Tobacco Division, Gaming Commission, Consumer Affairs, Alcohol and Gaming Commission and others.

Canadian provinces

In Canada, gambling enthusiasts will find more than 100 casinos, mostly run by the provinces in which they are located. Some of them are run by private companies. In addition, about 17 of them are owned by First Nation tribes.

Online casinos are allowed here in Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec and British Columbia.

BCLC British Columbia offers a casino site and a lottery site. This site is available to adult residents. In addition, Ontario players can gamble at the OLGH online casino and lottery site.

Offshore gambling is also legal in Canada, and Canadians have been gambling on offshore sites for 20 years. This is possible because under the Criminal Code, only if a casino is in Canada and not licensed by a regulator is it illegal.

Favorite games of Canadian players

Favorite games of Canadian players

Canada is a charming corner of the earth for people who love to gamble. Canadian players have access to about 88 attractive land-based casinos that are fully operational and offer a variety of games, including table games such as poker, online blackjack, roulette and baccarat. There are even another 32 casinos that offer slot machines/VLT and electronic table games in limited numbers.

Along with slot machine gambling, video poker and other table game options, another popular gambling activity in Canada is wagering on lottery tickets. Ticket gambling has a 65% participation rate, and the second favorite option is instant win tickets, with a 36% participation rate.

Casino games such as craps and keno are also mostly gambling-loving Canadian residents. And games from top-notch iGaming software providers such as Microgaming, Play'n GO, NetEnt and Evolution Gaming are mostly preferred by Canadian gambling enthusiasts.

Canadians can also play any of these games at offshore casinos, but these casinos must operate under the control of certain regulatory agencies or they will be considered illegal. In addition, offshore casinos must accept players from Canada. However, before playing or investing money in such casinos, it is advisable to check if they have legitimate licenses and payment options.

Among sports betting options, games such as horse racing, hockey, curling, lacrosse and soccer are extremely popular among Canadian sports bettors.

Popular Casino Bonuses in Canada

Popular casino bonuses in Canada

Online casino bonuses are a “strategy" for both casinos and players. Most Canadian casinos today prefer to incentivize new players to attract them to their respective casino and to keep existing players at casino sites. In addition, players use these bonuses as a strategy to prolong their stay at an online casino or increase their chances of winning. Thus, it is clear that online casino bonuses represent a win-win situation for both casino operators and players.

Canadian players often find themselves stunned by the variety of bonuses at Canadian casinos. Most Canadian casinos run promotions and other incentives to play. There are some great offers. However, paying attention to the “T" and the “C" is a good way to make sure that the bonuses are appropriate.

Getting the best rewards from a casino requires due diligence on the part of the player. Therefore, no matter how beguiling the size of the bonus, the player should never stop at its cover. Below is a list of elements that every player should consider when choosing casino bonuses:

  • Bonus amount
  • Wagering requirements
  • Time limit
  • Restrictions on winnings – max/min bets
  • Eligible Games

Some Canadian casinos offer daily, weekly or monthly bonuses to stay ahead of the curve. However, here is an overview of some of the most common offers available to Canadian players.

100% deposit bonus

The 100% Deposit Bonus is a staple of most modern online casinos, offering to double or combine the first deposit made by a new player at any casino. Based on the fact that most players are very eager to get this bonus, some of its common options include the 100% casino welcome bonus and the 100 sport deposit bonus.

No deposit bonus

Also known as a free no deposit casino bonus, this is one of the most sought after casino bonuses. The fact that players can play for real money without depositing their own money using casino promo codes for Canada. New players, for example, get to try out the casino before making any financial commitments.

Free Spins

Free or extra spins are spins for real money offered after the player has made a deposit. These rewards can only be used in a certain number of games, such as slots. Free spins are often combined with bonuses. Free spins can come in handy when drawing the jackpot in slots, which promises incredible amounts of winnings.

High Roller Bonuses

These are game rewards used by players with large budgets or those who place high stakes. High roller bonuses are exclusively for players who place serious bets. Casinos are often willing to offer them the most favorable conditions for the game.

How we choose the best online casinos in Canada

best online casinos in Canada

Although the history of gambling has been full of upheaval, gambling is deeply rooted in Canadian blood. The country enjoys a variety of gambling that starts with sports betting, touches on technologically booming video slots and other mesmerizing casino offerings. In addition, with the advent of fun offshore online casinos, Canada’s gambling scene has become broader and more exciting.

However, Canadian players often face a dilemma when choosing an offshore online casino. The reason is that the rules of offshore online casinos often seem somewhat murky to Canadian players. So what is the possible way out of this problem? Well, the problem may seem a bit complicated, but there is a solution.

For players living in Canada, we publish reviews and ratings from experts. Our experts are professionals and have plenty of knowledge about the casino industry. They effectively test and analyze online casinos before writing a review. In our casino reviews, we present information focusing on key segments such as deposit and withdrawal methods, payouts, security, customer support, and other necessary information.

Let us demonstrate a few key criteria that define the reliability parameter of casinos serving the Canadian population.


When we review online casinos for gamblers in Canada for reliability, we always check whether the casino operator has a legal business license or not. Along with this, in order to provide players with the highest level of security, our experts check the safety of the casino’s withdrawal and deposit methods. We only recommend casinos that support industry-standard SSL encryption, PCI compliance, etc.

Offshore online casinos operating under the control of leading regulatory bodies such as Malta Gaming Authority, Alderney Gambling Control Commission and UK Gambling Commission are mostly preferred by us.

Supported software and languages

We only turn to online casinos that have reliable, intriguing and fast gambling. In addition, the casino must have a diverse assortment of traditional and popular games to get your favorite games into their gaming collection. We also ensure that these games can be played without interruption.

We focus on selecting games that run on personal computers as well as the most popular mobile operating systems such as iOS, Windows and Android.

We promote intriguing games from top-notch iGaming software developers such as Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, Yggdrasil, Evolution Gaming, Play’n GO and others. For the convenience of players, we support casinos with multilingual options, including languages such as English and French.

Customer support

Customer service that is not willing to respond in a timely manner is often a danger to players. Therefore, we always reject casinos that lack customer service. We always give preference only to casinos that offer active and qualified 24×7 customer support. In addition, customer support should be available in several ways, such as chat, email and toll-free phone numbers.

Loyalty Program

Information about casino loyalty program was provided in our casino reviews only after testing casinos that offer odd games for Canadian players. We also indicate whether the casino provides a loyalty program for live dealer games or not.

Payment options

Since fast and secure payment methods are an integral part of any online casino, our experts strive to provide complete information on how to deposit and withdraw to the casino. We make sure that the casino accepts CAD (Canadian dollars) and has a wide range of banking options for this.

Currently, Canadian players have a wide variety of banking methods for gambling, which include bank transfers, credit/debit cards, EcoPayz, PayPal and more.

Bonuses and promotions

Our expert review of online casinos is published to inform Canadian players about casino promotions and bonus offers.

We mention bonuses and promotional segments in our casino reviews so that Canadian players can determine which casinos are providing the best offers at the moment. To keep players informed, we also try to include the terms and conditions for bonus offers in the review.

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